iCE Advanced & Update Training


The iCE Advanced Training Course is a 2 week on-line course. It covers advanced principles and configuration schemes for all innovaphone products. Participants will learn everything that is required to set up advanced innovaphone PBX scenarios. Some complex solution scenarios will be dealt with in the training course to enable participants to be in a position to tackle the most frequent real customer requirements in projects. The training programme is an on-line course, that is, the trainee works in a virtual environment with his own equipment, and uses course resources such as on-line documentation, prepared lessons and collaboration techniques e.g. trainee-to-trainer/trainee-to-trainee chats, forums, webinars etc.
Trainees who have successfully passed the course are certified as innovaphone Convergent Engineer (iCE).


Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - V11 Update
Module 3 - Routing Engine & Gateway Interfaces
Module 4 - Distributed PBX
Module 5 - Redundancy
Module 6 - Advanced Object Types Part II
Module 7 - Advanced Operations
Module 8 - Operator
Module 9 - Kerberos
Module 10 - Mobility
Module 11 - Security
Module 12 - SIP Trunks
Module 13 - Virtual Appliance
Module 14 - Audio Conferencing
Module 15 - Reporting
Module 16 - myPBX
Module 17 - DECT
Module 18 - E.164 PBX Setups
Module 19 - Faxserver
Module 20 - TAPI

Course Type

Online (see notes on on-line trainings for special details on such training courses)

Duration and Effort required

2 weeks.
The total time needed by trainees largely depends on their previous knowledge in IP networks, telephony and web based applications. 50 to 60 hours spread over 2 weeks could serve as a guideline.

Target Audience

This course is designed for technicians who have successfully passed the iCE Basic training course.


Courses are available in German and English, dependent on dates. Please note, however, that all course documentation and online material are only available in English!


  • iCE Basic course, successfully passed
  • sufficient understanding of technical English texts
  • advanced knowledge on ISDN and telecommunications (e.g. signalling protocols, numbering plans)
  • advanced knowledge on TCP/IP
  • Training Pack 1 (Standard) installed
  • innovaphone Training Pack 2 (DECT) (optional, only for Module DECT required)
  • internet access (PPTP enabled)
  • phone access
  • own laptop with Windows operating system, Internet Explorer 8 (or up) browser, email and administration rights



Number of Participants

Limited to max. 30 participants

Registration Deadline

One calendar week before the course is due to begin. The course will be cancelled if there are less than 4 registrations at that point in time.


1,200 Euro plus VAT


A final exam takes place at the end of the course. Successful participation is achieved when the examination has been passed.

Update Qualification

Trainees with pre-V11 iCE qualification may participate in this course to update to V11 iCE. Such participants must only complete the modules which deal with features new to V11, plus a special V11 update module that covers all further changes in V11. All participants including Update participants must take part in and successfully pass the final examination.
All course materials are available to update participants and they may work through all other modules if they wish.
The cost for update participants will be 400 Euro plus VAT

The content of the Training Pack has changed since your last training. You will need all equipment as listed in Training Pack 1 from firmware version 11. To complement your pre-V11 Training Pack please contact your Distributor.

Duration and Effort required for Update Qualification

Update participants take part in the same course with regular participants. The total time needed by update participants largely depends on their previous experience with innovaphone configurations. 20 to 30 hours spread over 2 weeks could serve as a guideline.

DECT Training Module

A pre-requisite for the participation in this topic is a Training Pack 2 (DECT).

Multilingual Courses

Courses are open for both German and English speaking participants. All training material is entirely written in English. However, communication between trainee and trainer (such as messaging, email, forum, webinar) can take place in either German or English depending on the participant’s preference. innovaphone reserves the right to cancel the service in either language if less than 4 trainees select this language.

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